Dublin based company develops innovative software system with support from NWRC and InterTradeIreland

By Aoife Curran

Dublin-based Store Computer Technology (SCT) have developed a unique software system with help from North West Regional College’s (NWRC) Business Support Centre (BSC) and InterTradeIreland’s Innovation Boost programme.

The cross-border collaborative project between SCT, InterTrade Ireland Innovation Boost graduateGreeshma Puttagunta, and NWRC Electronics & ICT Technical Consultant, Cathal Ferry, saw the development of a software system which allows the company to provide its clients with detailed data analytics regarding key performance indicators (KPIs), sales statistics, supplier and project information which is invaluable to their business.

Cathal Ferry said: “We were contacted by InterTrade Ireland Innovation Boost Consultant Jim Fitzsimons about an innovative project with SCT. We contacted John Hogan from SCT and began discussing the project which led to us submitting an application. Shortly after we received the news that we were successful in our application. The role was advertised, and we gained an excellent candidate in Greeshma who took the challenges of the role head on. With the support of the NWRC and SCT, Greeshma was successfully able to develop the data analytics and reporting (DART) platform.”

‘’This system allows SCT to streamline its processes and provide detailed reports to its clients while simultaneously maximising staff time, allowing SCT to secure additional contracts, and reach its growth potential. The project has allowed the NWRC to expand and apply its knowledge in data analytics, data visualization and automation platforms such as Power BI. This ensures that the College continues that our latest knowledge and teaching is relevant to the latest industry trends and ensures our students have the best possible experience and will help them in securing a fulfilling career after their studies.‘’

John Hogan, Director at SCT, added: ‘As one of Ireland’s leading IT service support companies for business, who are leading players in the retail and leisure sectors, it is important that we understand and continuously plan for ever evolving technologies in that area. The main driver of change in retail technology is firmly based on data analytics. We had understood the requirement to provide our customers with a solution in this area for some time but found it difficult to find the resources and direction which would deliver a successful outcome. We discussed our project with Intertrade Ireland as part of their Innovation Boost Programme and found that this was an ideal collaborative approach as it provided access to consultancy expertise form the 3rd level sector in addition to providing funding towards employing a trained software developer. Over the 18th month period of the programme, Cathal Ferry (NWRC) provided invaluable direction to our excellent graduate, Greeshma Puttagunta, in helping us release our solution on time and within budget. We could not have achieved our goal without Intertrade Ireland and NWRC.’’

For more information about SCT visit https://sctpos.ie/, and for further details on how the BSC can help your business email businesssupport@nwrc.ac.uk or to find out more about the Innovation Boost programme see https://intertradeireland.com/innovation/innovation-boost

Dublin based company develops innovative software system with support from NWRC and InterTradeIreland
(L-R) InterTradeIreland Innovation Boost Graduate, Greeshma Puttagunta, pictured with NWRC Electronics & ICT Technical Consultant, Cathal Ferry and John Hogan, Director of SCT, at the final PMG meeting of the 18-month innovation project in Dublin.