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Marshall Innovation

Company background:

Marshall Innovation is a Strabane-based start-up business that was set up by founder and entrepreneur Roy Marshall to investigate novel ideas around accessibility ramps for wheelchairs and golf karts.


The company wanted to create a wheelchair and golf kart handy ramp which involved attaching a ramp onto the toe bar of a vehicle. The challenge facing Roy was that while he had an idea for the product he required suport to develop the concept and move from an idea through 3D CAD design to rapid prototype and then create a physical product.


In order to overcome this challenge, Marshall Innovation made contact with North West Regional College (NWRC) Business Support Centre (BSC) who supported them through the InnovateUs programme, funded by the Department for the Economy (DfE).

This provided 60 hours of 1:1 mentoring support from NWRC Product Design Centre Manager, Philip Devlin and NWRC Engineering Technical Consultant Jonathan Steele, who supported Roy in concept development, 3D computer aided design, finite element stress analysis, creating files for rapid prototyping (STL files), 3D printing, material and manufacturing advice and supporting Roy to develop an engineering prototype of the product.


On completion of the project, Marshall Innovation with the support from the NWRC has now developed a new wheelchair handy ramp product which can be taken to the market. The company has also been successful in attaining a patent for the product.

Testimonial from Roy Marshall discussing the benefits of working with NWRC’s Product Design Centre:

”This up-skilling was well worth the time and money. Also having a finished product was very pleasing.”

Roy Marshall of Marshall Innovation with NWRC Engineering Technical Consultant Jonathan Steele who helped Roy develop an accessible wheelchair ramp.
Marshall Innovations Wheelchair and Golf Kart Handy Ramp
Marshall Innovations Wheelchair & Golf Kart Handy Ramp
Roy Marshall of Marshall Innovation demonstrates how his wheelchair and golf kart handy ramp works.
Roy Marshall of Marshall Innovations demonstrates how his Wheelchair & Golf Kart Handy Ramp works.

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