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Socker Tech

Company Background
SockerTech, is a start-up business that has been formed to develop a new product targeted at the soccer player and used for training to enhance the skills of players. SockerTech have come up with the idea of a sock, which acts as a soccer boot but with the feel of a sock, which will have studs / blades and potentially sensory equipment to record data.

Robert Morrison, SockerTech founder, main barrier is lack of knowledge and experience using Computer Aided Design (CAD), an essential skill required in order to draw the sock for 3D print.
The CAD 3D print is critical stage in order to showcase all features of the new product concept for manufacturing and investment purposes.

Robert contacted the North West Regional College (NWRC) seeking support for his specific problem, which NWRC were able to support through the Innovate US programme, funded by Department for the Economy (DfE).
This involved delivering a tailored upskilling project which equated to 30 hours of mentoring support from Philip Devlin, NWRC Engineer Consultant. The project delivered full training to Robert, from concept development, concept analysis and matrix scoring to 3D basic drawing, part development, extrude, surface extrude, assembly and 2D drawing for assembly.

The impact of the project has proven immensely successful. Robert was not only successfully upskilled in which he was able to prepare 3D Cad images of the proposed new product but his newly found skills will enable further new product development and product refinement.
He is currently exploring future options and looking at IP protection and Invest NI funding to develop a functional prototype and to fast track the product to market.

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