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Causeway Cookie

Causeway Cookie

Company Background
Causeway Cookie Company bake and decorate cookies, by hand, painting, airbrushing and stencilling unique designs for sale at local markets and festivals. Having recently gained interest from commercial retailers, Causeway Cookie Company wish to develop cost effective unique packaging solutions to enhance branding the premium range.
They are keen to develop a cost effective, unique and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, which will build brand awareness and identity.

Causeway Cookie Company are keen to investigate packaging that could be used as a decorative piece following the consumption of the product, as well as a tourist memento or a child’s activity, giving it unique features and helping the company secure contracts with retailers. Due to the intricate design features Causeway Cookie Company are keen to develop, it is clear that standard packaging cannot achieve the desired outcome. Indeed, with no professional packaging experience for their products Sam Smart, from the Causeway Cookie Company contacted the North West Regional College (NWRC) to explore a possible solution to their problem.

The NWRC were able to support the Causeway Cookie Company through the Innovate US programme, funded by Department for the Economy (DfE), which equated to 30 hours of skills support from Aaron McKeever, NWRC Creative and Digital Media Consultant.

The underlying theme of this product development, following discussions between Sam and Aaron was to create uniquely themed packaging, incorporating local landmarks across Northern Ireland.
Aaron focused on introducing Sam to packaging design shape concepts, selecting package type and size, creating and examining bespoke mockups, which considered print settings, pantones and costings. This also included upskilling Sam on a one to one basis on the use of various software packages giving Sam the skills needed to design a unique packaging solution specific to her business.

Following the upskilling, Sam was in a position to create an innovative bespoke packaging solution specific to her business needs. So far, the packaging has contributed significantly to securing contracts with major retailers, resulting in a sales increase of 10 per cent through accessing the tourism and commercial market. In addition, cost savings has been achieved through newly acquired in-house skillsets, which has equipped Sam with a valuable legacy enabling her to develop similar style of packaging for different product ranges in the future, building the Causeway Cookie Company branding.

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