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Angela Bonner Hypnotherapy

Angela Bonner Hypnotherapy

Angela Bonner Hypnotherapy trained with world-renowned hypnotherapist, speaker and best-selling author Marisa Peer and is a certified Marisa Peer hypnotherapist. Angela is the only hypnotherapy practitioner to use these advanced and effective method of hypnosis in Northern Ireland (NI).
Angela uses the Marisa Peer method of rapid transformation therapy within a relaxed and safe environment and aims to deliver quickly, improving quality of life and freeing from destructive habits. Due to the huge success of the Marisa Peer method, Angela believed that she had discovered a niche in the market, taking her current practices and improve on them to create a series of video animations. These unique visual solutions will allow her to deliver this bespoke hypnotherapy to deliver her sessions remotely and thus allow her to expand her potential client base specifically targeting clients currently struggling to access these services. i.e. agoraphobia, visual impairments, insomnia etc and as a tool to expand her services in across NI, ROI and UK.

To main challenge faced by Angela, in order to turn this idea into reality was her lack of skills in animation creation techniques, sensory animation development, key framing and wire framing techniques. These were critical skills needed in order to create and develop the product.

In order to overcome this barrier, Angela contacted the North West Regional College (NWRC) who were able to support her through the Innovate US programme, funded by Department for the Economy (DfE), which equated to 30 hours of bespoke training support from Aaron McKeever, NWRC Creative and Digital Media Consultant to materialise this new product.

Aaron, prepared a detailed training plan to upskill Angela creating vectors for animation, advanced animation techniques and finalising animation. This focused on upskilling Angela in a multitude of graphic design platforms and require guidance in areas relating to layer content with in Adobe suites, easy-E honing animating text layers and custom scene transitions.

The main outcome of the programme, was the creation of a commercially viable visual animation product to create a unique Hypnotherapy experience. Angela has launched the product to market, resulting in increase in sales and reduction in costing by 70 per cent. In addition, Angela is now a competent user of various creative and digital media packages, successfully upskilled in animation creation techniques, sensory animation development, key framing and wire framing techniques.

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