North West Regional College, 78-80 Strand Rd, Derry/Londonderry, BT48 7AL

Company Background offer fully hosted software solutions and flexible designs to support business growth; offering tools for business to manage their administrative and client needs.

Cover.Net had identified an opportunity to grow their business by creating a unique new insurance software product with human–computer interaction (HCI) and user interface design developed to provide an engaging experience for the potential clients. This newly designed software product will provide innovative solutions to accessibility issues, achieving in house savings and adding value to their bespoke insurance cover systems.

Cover.Net lack skills in relation to human–computer interaction (HCI) and user interface design required to create the new interactive insurance product.
Requiring upskilling in the following areas: human–computer interaction (HCI) and user interface design, wire framing and animation embedding content, which can be accessed interactively, bridging between various software to reach desired results.

In order to overcome this obstacle Cover.Net was signposted to the North West Regional College (NWRC) who supported them through the Innovate US programme, funded by Department for the Economy (DfE), which equated to 30 hours of mentoring support from Aaron McKeever, NWRC Creative and Digital Media Consultant to develop and deliver this innovative solution. Two members of Cover.Net, Liam Gilkinson and Jim Campbell undertook specific upskilling focused designing UI elements, movement and animation of UI elements and finalization of software solution.


The upskilling undertaken allowed Cover.Net to create visual assistance tool for Insurance systems and a crucial factor in the development of the new product, a visual assistance tool for Insurance systems. This initial stage of development has enabled the company to develop visual walkthroughs, which are an essential feature to the usability and user experience of the product. were supported by NWRC to create a virtual assistance tool for Insurance systems

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