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Restore Nutrition

Restore Nutrition


Jade Bradley, Founder of Restore Nutrition, is a qualified nutritional therapist who provides her business clients with nutrition support covering a wide range of health conditions, weight management and improving overall health.


Jade previously embarked on support from Foodovation to develop a nutritionally balanced recipe dish as a basis to her new business venture. During the tasting sessions of the initial project, Jade identified a seed mix as a gap in her business for a snacking product with the view to offer this as an ambient retail product within her own new foodservice business venture as well as stocking in farm shops and artisan retailers across Derry and further afield.


To assist with the development of their concept, Restore Nutrition was supported by North West Regional College (NWRC) Business Support Centre (BSC) through the InnovateUs programme which is funded by the Department for the Economy to explore the seed concept for retail.

NWRC Technical Consultant, Rita O’Kane, provided 30 hours of upskilling support in moisture assessment of dried seed products and associated processing methods, functional ingredients associated with rancidity in fats and impact on shelf life, vegan and gluten free claims on a prepacked product for retail, prepack labelling including nutritional and allergens.


On completion of the project, the company has developed a prepacked range of seed mixes under a new brand ‘Balance to Go’ which includes savoury, salty, smokey and spicy flavours as a retail product which will be stocked in farm shops and artisan retailers across Derry and further afield.

Jade Bradley, Owner of Restore Nutrition, described the benefits of working with NWRC’s Business Support Centre via the InnovateUs programme: ‘‘I have learned a lot from the InnovateUs programme in order to launch a new side to my business.  As a nutritional therapist, encouraging good eating habits and educating my clients on tasty alternatives for snacking and meal times is really important.  The team at Foodovation really understood my vision and helped support me to make the products become a reality.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of exploring new products within their business to get in touch with the team, they are extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise.’’

Jade Bradley of Balance to Go with her range of savoury seed mixes
Nutritional Therapist Jade Bradley has developed a range of savoury seed mixes under her new company 'Balance to Go.'
Balance to Go range of savoury, salty, smokey and spicy seed mixes
Savoury, Salty, Smokey and Spicy Seed Mixes created by Jade Bradley with the help of NWRC Product Development Technical Consultant, Rita O'Kane.

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